Woke up with a killer headache. Not sure where that came from .. .probably a lack of chocolate! :) Nevertheless, when that happens, I tend to find everything going slowly, or perhaps more like a standstill.

I decided to cancel the plans I had for the morning and stay home to do more research for Poland and ended up booking our car rental, and made a few phone calls to Poland to get some more details on certain parts of my stay. I didn't like still being in my pj's at 1pm ... SO glad that no one decided to pop by for a quick visit!

Was feeling pretty tired and not up to home group tonight (at our house) but so glad that I pushed through the fogginess and really enjoyed the time together with the group. Of course, the melted chocolate on the strawberries helped somewhat!!! It was an encouraging night, the video we watched (Fruitcake and Ice Cream) made an impact on how I normally interact with people that I meet in my daily routine outside the house. It showed me that I need to see beyond their exterior -- and try to show more of God's love to them instead of me being lazy and just trying to rush through my day. Was very blessed to have the home group pray for me and my family for this upcoming trip. What a blessing it is to have assurance that the Lord is on my side -- He has me in His hands and I don't need to worry about all the details of this trip. He has blessed us so much already with even getting this appointment so soon -- and with all the generosity of family and friends. To me, it is very clear that this is part of His will for our family.

Well.. I'm trying to work a bit towards changing my sleep schedule to get closer to Poland time (9 hours ahead) so I better get to bed. One thing that made me grin just now, I recalled today Julianna (who is learning to potty train right now) was very proud of herself for going on her own and said to me TADA!! I did a GREAT job! So cute. Man I can't believe how blessed I am to have 4 wonderful children. Even through all the sibling issues and accidental pee on the floor (not mine) .. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.