What a contrast from yesterday.  Last night I had a fairly decent sleep. I woke a few times, but not from pain.   This morning I felt a little off, but nothing that would keep me in bed as yesterday's beginnings!  Very encouraging indeed.

I continue to feel weird feelings of warmth and tingling in my feet.  I am hoping that this could be the start of some changes to my numbness.  I can only pray.  I had a little more energy today and was able to get out and do an errand.  It makes one feel almost normal when one gets to go out and do the same things other people do (even if they are menial tasks)!

I received my printed procedure report today from the Seattle clinic, which I found very enlightening. I will include some of it below:

Bilateral Internal Jugular vein stenoses: 80% left / 80% right
Azygous vein genu stenosis (80%) and Left Common Iliac vein stenosis (80%) treated with multi-level angioplasty successfully. 
Amazing that I had such blockages .. no wonder I was feeling so terrible last year!  I can only pray that improvements are impending!