What a busy day it's been .. getting everything ready and organized before our trip tomorrow.  I like to have everything written down for the grandparents who are watching the kids, just so that it's easier for them and they get a feel for what is the norm.   I finally got my novel written and printed out (of course, extra pages would continue to flow throughout the day, creating further mini-books.)

I had plans to finish off the DVDs for the kids, of me reading story books to them, creating little cards to put under their pillows for the night that I was gone, and spend the evening with the kids -- some quality time with them before I was to leave.

However, this was not to be.  People who know me well, know that I love technology -- if it plugs in.. it can find a home with me!  So, when I was told that I really didn't need to go online to checkin for my flights because I already had seat assignments and could just give my itinerary to them in the morning, I thought, "are you kidding?  I get to use technology .. why would I pass up that opportunity?"  So, I went online to Lufthansa's website and put in the same information I had before when booking our seats.  Oddly enough, it said that my reservation wasn't found.  I tried several times thinking I had mistyped something, but no, each time it came up with that error. I decided to call them directly.   When I finally got through to an agent after waiting for about 15 minutes, I was told that ALL our flights had been cancelled because Aeroplan did not finalize the flight plans for our tickets, and therefore all tickets had been deleted from their system.   I immediately felt sick to my stomach.  How could this happen on the eve of our departure?  I spent the next few hours trying to get it all straightened out.  Apparently, there were few flights, but they were able to get us flights on the same day with extra layovers and more stops.  The only benefit was that we were now in Business class for the entire leg the journey, both there and back.   By the time that I had the tickets finalized and a GUARANTEE that yes, indeed I did hold these tickets, it was almost 9pm.  Poor Daniel was near tears because I hadn't spent any time with him that evening, and now because of the change of flights, I had to leave earlier the next morning, not allowing time to play with him then either.  All in all, I am glad that we were able to get flights.  I cannot even imagine what would have transpired had I not been able to get any flights.  I guess I would have had to give up my surgery date!!!

I didn't end up getting to bed until midnight.. making sure that all was in order for the next morning.  I had some gifts for the kids that I wanted to give them to keep them busy while we were gone, and I wanted to not be rushed when I gave them. 

Again I wonder what plan God has in all of this .. He seems to like to test my stress limits.  I just pray that that was the last major issue that will occur this trip.. It's time to start the adventure!