8:30am So apparently Jordan had a bad night as when he was trying to get up for the washroom in the middle of the night he accidentally yanked on his chest tube, so was in pain all night. Of course in true Jordan fashion, he found a way to blame his mother for that (even though I wasn’t even there). Tube output was minimal overnight so I assume they will be taking it out today.

11am Dr. Bond came in and said that the x-rays still show that there is fluid in the lungs, so they will leave the tube in awhile to drain more. Jordan is off the subq dilaudid so he is not enjoying having a bit more pain. They are doing oral meds only now to try to wean him off to go home. Made him catch up on some UFV classes and now he’s having a nap (his new favorite thing). Doc says surgery is not off the table, it’s still a wait and see game.

11:31am Dr. Bond came in again and said he doesn’t like something in the X-ray (looks like there is something building up in the lining of his lung) so they are putting him on Level 1 for surgery and hopefully be in there within the next few hours. Jordan is upset as this makes him even further behind in his classes. They are hoping to operate by 4:30pm.

1:14pm Dr. Altaf came in and had me sign some paperwork for surgery, including on signing off on a possible thoractomy. I do NOT want Jordan to go through that hell.

4:38pm he is being prepped for surgery.

Dr. Bond is going to do it and says it will be quick and short (10-15 min) and that he won’t do a thoracotomy .. Dr. Bond is great! They wheeled him in just before 5pm and I quickly went out to White Spot for a burger and fries for take-out (yes, it made me feel horrible later). Just as I walked back into the hospital to the surgical waiting area, Dr. Bond walked out and told me that it was the original surgery spot that had somewhat opened and was intermittently leaking. Any type of extended movement was just causing it to tear and leak more. Now on to the next leg of recovery .. again.

7:09pm - the nurses let me go in to post-op to wait with him..

His blood pressure is good and he is doing well (although totally groggy). Will wait until they take him upstairs and then once he is settled head off to home again and try to get a good sleep before coming in the morning. Amy (former neighbor) came to help out with the kids in the afternoon so Kirk could come in to see Jordan before the surgery. Kirk headed back home by 8pm and I got home very late.