Just a quick update since last week.  It's now been almost 7 days since that cold hit me square in the face!  Now that I'm feeling better, my numbness has subsided a bit (but still quite substantial compared to usual) and my energy is almost back to normal -- 'normal' being having no abnormal fatigue at all.  I managed to take the kids (with hubby) to the water slides for all day Saturday (Aug 14th) morning til 6:30pm  .. in the 35 degree weather with tons of energy to spare!

Moral of the story for me?   Avoid all people with colds.  This truly was my first experience of getting a cold and having a skyrocketing of MS symptoms coincide.   Not a very enjoyable feeling.  It's kind of like getting a cold and a flu together.  A 2 for 1 deal!

Started to jog again but feel I strained my knee again, so will have to back off and take it slower I guess - maybe do some cycling instead.  Summer is coming to a close, so quickly!  I think this is probably the first year where I'm not really happy to see it go.  My heat sensivity is less, so I'm able to enjoy the outdoors more.  I still am looking forward to Fall and Winter (and snow!), but the end of summer also means a LOT more work, with homeschooling and life just getting much busier.   Oh well, I have a few more weeks to prepare to pick up steam, and pray for continued health in the midst of it all to be able to accomplish all that will be on my agenda.

Sorry for such a boring entry, but I need to log the changes in my symptoms so I have a record of it. :)