Where did you come from? A few days ago, I started to feel the weakness come back in my right leg. A weakness that when you walk, it feels like it's a struggle to bring your right foot up high enough to complete your gait. Over the past few days, it has been increasing, with a heightened weak feeling all the way up to my knee. Drat. Was really hoping to have that not come back. Praying that it does go away again, but as we all know, this is a road we cannot pave ourselves, we cannot control the disease, it presents its surprises when it wants. The best I can do is to try to take the best care of myself that I can, and pray that God gives me grace to walk through it.

Found this on another blog, which hopefully will provide some help:

The “Foot drop” fight is so un-evenly matched….that it doesn’t take long to see who is the victor and “The Evil: “Foot drop” is now a permanent resident that you never invited to your now……..disabled mobility.

Your only hope is to keep that dominant “Soleus” muscle stretched……Always!!!!!

Trying to bring the angle from shin to big toe to less than 90 deg.