Daniel told me his foot hurt a lot throughout the day. Early evening he shows me there is blood on his hand and it’s coming through his band+age on his foot. We took the bandage off and it was then we realized that the stitches had broken and the wound was completely gaping. No wonder it had been hurting so much! We paged Dr. Vershere and she asked us to come back in to Emerg at Children’s and said she will meet us there. Really? It's 8pm ... I don't want to go back again!! Kirk & I packed Daniel up into the van and asked Jordan to babysit the other kids who were in bed.

The doctor met us there and they set us up.
This time at least Kirk was there to be the "supporting" role for Daniel. I didn't think I could do it again -- listen to him scream and plead for help because he's in so much pain. So, as she inserted the needles into his foot to freeze the area, I sat there, listening to his screaming and rubbed his leg and let the tears pour from my face. What a long haul this little guy has had to endure. Kirk was great at trying to get him to stay as calm as possible. Looking back I realize he was a brave little boy amidst the screaming, because I realized that even through all that, with his body shaking, he kept his right leg completely still for her to do the stitches, etc.

It dawned on me that it was probably the fall from the operating table the night before that broke the stitches. He probably not only hit his head on the cupboard, but probably also knocked his foot as well.

Dr. Verschere said we were one crazy family and we should have told her in advance that we do things the hard way (ha ha). So said said she wants to put a cast on his foot and start him on some heavy antibiotics to prevent infection. Also, instead of the regular two weeks for stitches, she said we'll leave them in for three weeks. Sure, he'll most likely have scars from the stitches, but "with the way our family does things" .. she'd rather be on the safe side and leave them in longer.

On the way home, Daniel was so drugged up, that we had difficult staying upright in his booster seat. Luckily, we had the full booster seat for Ryan in the car, which enables you to secure the shoulder seat belt strap in the right place, and also has sides to keep your body from falling sideways. That was the trick! He stayed in his seat the rest of the way home. We didn't get home until after midnight, and I still had to go to Pharmasave to fill his antibiotic prescription for the next day. I don't think I got in to bed until 1am . how exhausting!

Little did we know this was just the calm before the storm ...