Monday morning .. I had scheduled my van to have the snow tires put on at 8am. Why did I do that? I just spent an entire Sunday in bed, unable to move and I really didn't want to get up early to take my van in. One thing with MS .. you get really good at pushing yourself when you really shouldn't be pushing. I am feeling a little better so I don’t have to be in bed, but feet and hands still buzzing and still feel off and very wasted. I made myself get up, and head over to the auto shop. I thought, at least I'll walk over to A&W and get them to make me some eggs while I wait. Little did I know more stress was looming around the corner.

Only 15 minutes in to my venture, I got a phone call from Kirk asking me "Where are you"? I thought that was rather interesting, considering he knew where I was. He proceeded to tell me he had heard a frantic knock on the front door, and found Jordan standing there telling him that his lung had collapsed again. Looking past him, Kirk saw that Jordan had dropped his backpack on the road. Kirk at that point called me.

I asked Kirk (on the phone) if Jordan could walk over to the hospital. (You see, the last collapse he had was minimal and he was able to do almost everything normally). Kirk told me Jordan could barely move. I told him to quickly take Jordan to the hospital himself and I would be back as soon as I could. I went in to see Jordan in a few hours as I knew the course of action would be to get x-rays, which is time-consuming. When I went in to see him, he had already had his x-ray and I was informed his collapse this time was 50%. The nurse told me that a doctor in Surrey had a surgical opening for the next morning. My first instinct was "who is this doctor .. is he any good? Should I trust him? I don't even know him!". Then they told me his name was Dr. James Bond. Seriously? Ok now I am more worried hehehehe ..

Bottom line -- he needed help and so we agreed to sign off on his transfer, which would happen after Abbotsford docs inserted a chest tube. It wasn't until early evening that the chest tube was inserted and the ambulance called for the transfer. Until that time, he started to feel a little better, and asked me to bring in his DS to pass the time...

When it was time to do the chest tube, the attending doc did it without any meds.. just cut him open and inserted the tube.

Rather painful!! Jordan was NOT impressed (neither was I).

Shortly thereafter Kirk came with the kids to visit Jordan. As the kids were saying hi, the ambulance crew walked in .. took one look at our crazy family (two kids in casts and Jordan in the bed with his nasty chest tube), and with a suspicious look on one attendant's face, said "What kind of family ARE you?". Rather humorous.

As Jordan was transferred by Ambulance to Surrey Memorial Hospital, I drove home and packed up a few things for Jordan and headed off to Surrey to meet him there.

It was now nearing 7:30pm and I drove in to Surrey to see how he was doing. I was told surgery would be sometime the next morning and told to be back by 7:30am to talk to the doctors. So at 10:30pm, I headed home. Once I finally hit the pillow, my mind was racing and my stress level through the roof. I couldn't believe all the craziness our life had taken on in the last month.

I proceeded to have a brain which did NOT shut off .. followed by insomia and didn’t sleep that night. Talked to merv & dorrie at 3am .. as they were up .. having their own issues with sleep.