Well, Ryan wasn't feeling well last night (but seems better today) so I wasn't able to get to sleep  until 4am .. and yes, up again at 7am.   I'm realllllly tired today.  Thankfully I didn't have too much on my plate so I was able to stay at home for the morning until I had my next IV at 12:30pm. 

The side effects have been a little different today. Yes, the same "metal taste" in my mouth, yet a bit stronger today, but also other things as well.  My IV site is SUPER itchy. I'll probably have them remove it tomorrow and do another site instead.  I didn't get through the entire 4 days last time either on one IV.

My feet have been burning a lot more today.  This is all just a wait and see game.  It's hard. My voice has been extremely crackly as well.  It's really frustrating, especially if I realize that MS is a downward slide .. and things will get worse.  I don't want to lose my ability to speak.

Jordan wants to take me out to breakfast tomorrow.. just a mom & son date, so that is a nice surprise.  Admist all the pain and fears in my life, it is mixed with some nice blessings.  Hoping that my next year provides more blessings and less of the MS ...

I'm having a bit of a heavy time emotionally today. It seems like I'm always in a great battle emotionally against all my losses -- both ones from past and ones that haven't yet happened.   The baby one is one of the hardest I think.  Babies and pregnant women are everywhere - a constant reminder.   I realize that my little one would be almost 4 months old now.  It's rough.  I do my best to focus on all the blessings (4 wonderful kids), yet the loss of my last weighs very heavy on my heart.  Daily I ask the Lord to life that sorrow.  It has not yet happened. It feels as strong as that day when they said to me "there is no heartbeat".  I wish I knew when it would subside. 

Anyway, thanks again for your continued prayers.  You are all a blessing to me and my family!