10:40am .. Jordan is in extreme pain. They gave him a double dose of demerol but it’s not working for the pain. We are waiting for a bed to open up in Surrey, but don’t know if that will even be today.

11:25am was informed that an ambulance will be coming to pick him up and take him to Surrey as a bed has opened up. Still in significant pain.

(Ambulance arrived at noon). He was too weak to get on their stretcher so they had to slide him over on to their stretcher.

Arrived in the afternoon in Surrey.

2:32pm Carolyn brought me lunch (starbucks coffee too!). Jordan is npo (nothing by mouth) in case they want to do surgery. He is on the same floor as last time but this time in a “treatment room” with no windows BUT at least it’s private. Haven’t seen the doc yet as apparently he is at Royal Columbian. (3:36pm)

3:58pm saw a different doctor (Dr. Altaf). Apparently he says it’s just a waiting game now. Regular blood work to see if he is losing blood over the next day or two. They will operate again to clean things up in there. Until then they are doubling up on his pain meds to manage the pain and keep up with the x-rays.