I feel like I'm travelling in circles. On Sunday March 7th I started cramping and spotting .. which put me in bed for the next week. Every time I would move around too much the pain would return. The last week has been much better, with pain lessening each day, and with me usually being a physical write-off after 5pm.

Yesterday (March 20th), I felt so much better I decided to go out in the beautiful sunshine to do the front yard weeding, and followed it up by sweeping the main level floors. Well, this apparently was too much, and by evening the spotting and cramping started up again. It was a rough night with pain and today, Sunday, I'm laying in bed and I'm not getting up unless absolutely necessary... or the pain just gets that much worse.

I struggle greatly with why this is happening again. Does God want me to have this baby or not? I cannot keep laying in bed ignoring the needs of my family. Well, I can I guess, but to their detriment. I am living in a constant "canceling" of appointments and opportunities. I am wondering how long this will go on for... and how much stress my family can stand.

I continue waiting...