It's a beautiful sunny day, and I haven't felt too bad in the past few days -- relatively speaking.  Compared to how I felt last year, I feel horrible; but compare how I feel now with how I felt in April -- then one can say that I feel pretty good.  My limping the last few days has become less pronounced.  I'm kicking myself for not videoing my "walk" a month ago.. then I would have a great before and after to compare!  However, I'm sure I can just make myself walk around the block and get the limp back in order to video it -- just not sure I want to :)

Had a good morning with some people I consider my friends .. very genuine people whom the kids love to be around.  We discussed my trip and the conversation was recorded.  Of course, with my insecurities that I always struggle with, I feel like I sounded like a babbling adolescent who couldn't seem to eloquently put two words together.   However, I am grateful for it being translated into French .. so I'll end up having a great French accent and most likely sound like I was educated to some extent.  Thank  goodness for that! (ha ha).   Bottom line, I am learning to accept the fact that there are days when my brain is stuck in a fog, and it just cannot get a complete and formulated sentence out.  That's just the way it is these days.  Wouldn't it be great if this could all change as of next week!  I can only dare to hope that it can.

I find that I'm not sleeping too well at night, probably due to all the things I have to accomplish before I leave on Monday.  I am grateful for the little bit of energy I am experiencing the last few days and am wondering if the prednisone has helped in that area.  Regardless, I am going to enjoy the next few days with my kids, with T-ball tonight for the boys and Julianna's 3rd birthday party with our family on Saturday.

I have lots of hugs and kisses to give before I leave!