I blinked and somehow an entire day went by, once again.  Was it that quick for you?

Today was a busy day dealing with school stuff for the kids, followed by a trip into Burnaby for my MS appointment with my neurologist. I chose to take Julianna with me so she could provide me an easy escape through backed up traffic -- YEAH!  I could use the carpool lanes!

My neuro is somewhat on board with me not going the interferon route.  He knows I don't really like drugs too much and really there are may reasons why I have chosen not to try the many different injections out there for MS.  Today, he agreed with most of my issues with those treatments.

One is finances. Frankly, it's just something we cannot afford.   However, one interferon has recently been fully covered, so it would be no cost to me.  Now just figuring out if I'd ever want to go through all those side-effects!   At this point, NO.   He did, however, prescribe a four day IV prednisone treatment at my local hospital (which is only a block away).   I hopefully will start that within the next few days.   About a week after that has finished, if my fatigue is still mind-numbing, then he has given me a prescription for Amantadine.  Should be interesting to see if that helps at all.  Bottom line, he is going to set up another spinal MRI (to do some comparisons), we will do the IV and then go from there. 

Oh, and I will be getting a handicapped sticker for my van.  I can't even believe I'm saying that.  Will I use it?  That might be another story.  I have always thought that if I do use it at Costco, and walk out with my kids, I'd most likely be shot or at least have tomatoes thrown at me (because I don't "look" sick or handicapped).  I will probably only use it on those days where I feel like death is upon my door.   I am a very stubborn individual (no comments please ha ha) and maybe some pride mixed in there as well.  I'll certainly use it on those days when necessary.  I've had occasions when I've been completely taxed, yet had to do errands.  I remember going to Walmart, and only finding a parking spot VERY far away from the main doors. I found myself almost in tears thinking, "I can't walk that far AND do the shopping too!".   It was then I realized that there are days when I even need the help of a sticker.  

Oh, the donuts!   After the neuro appointment, we walked down into the lobby of the Burnaby hospital and there was Tim Hortons.   Wanting to make special little "dates" for my kids, I decided to buy Julianna a long john donut with sprinkles, also thinking it would keep her busy for at least half of the way home in traffic.  Unfortunately, I don't think it lasted far beyond the parking lot.   But thankfully, she promptly fell asleep (very common for a little 3 year old who is kept up from her afternoon nap!). 

Overall, a decent day and am happy I didn't crash with all that I had on my plate today.  Thankfully, someone brought a meal which was a life saver!  Hoping the hospital organizes the IV outpatient schedule tomorrow instead of later in the week.

Oh, and please remember to keep my brother (http://mervbest.blogspot.com) in your prayers.