8:15am Dr. Bond wants to do the surgery to clean everything up inside. Not sure when that will happen but it will be today (he says). He hasn’t eaten in a week and would really like to start. He actually is almost back to his normal self today - very good to see. He asked me to wash his hair and says he now feels a bit more human. Julianna is actually due at the hospital here in Surrey today for a review by a heart specialist. Last check at the pediatrician revealed something she wanted a specialist look at.

3pm Jordan is very grumpy and hungry. They won’t let him eat in case a surgery time opens up. Apparently they want to do another x-ray. Julianna’s appointment turned out okay. She just has smaller arteries which creates the heart murmur. Finally some good news.

4:30pm - the x-ray shows less fluid in his lungs so the doc says we will wait it out and everything should resolve on its own. If the leaking stops altogether we will take the tube out tomorrow and hopefully be home on Sunday. He is very fatigued.