Well.. it's been another week, and must say that things are still improving. I haven't had fatigue in a month or more. I have felt the strength of my muscles improve.  Is it really possible that I could still be seeing improvements from the procedure in Poland?   Does it realy take that long?  Or, perhaps is my body just finally settling down from all the attacks I've had in the past year?  I'm wanting to believe the first!

My right foot, which is where the symptoms first started, is actually less numb than it's been in a year!  It's wonderful to be able to wear shoes again with them being very uncomfortable and constantly in pain. I have no pain there anymore, and only slight numbness. My right leg hasn't changed much though, and so wanting to believe it's like a garden hose.  you turn the water on, and it goes from the source of water all the way to the end of the hose, and sometimes this can take quite some time to reach the end.  Perhaps, in the start of my healing process, much like the flow of a hose, it is starting at the beginning of my original symptoms, my right foot.  Perhaps it will move from there, up my leg and I'll continue to see healing of the numbness over time.  At least that is my hope!

I actually jogged around our lake this morning, albeit it was a walk, then jog, then walk, etc. but it felt AMAZING to feel like I was LIVING again!  We'll see how my body treats me tomorrow, but I just couldn't help myself, as my fast walk turned into the jog.  I used to love to jog.  As a teen, I would exercise often, and HARD .. it's just part of who I am. 110% or nothing -- all the way.

Julianna's Turtle Friend
On our way around the lake, little Julianna said "there's a turtle".  I didn't respond because I thought she was being silly.  But yes, there was a turtle!  What a beautiful walk filled with God's amazing creatures (can live without the Can. Geese and their lovely droppings though).  Even saw an eagle on the way too.

It's been a challenge to lay around so much the past year. I can only pray this is the start of something great, and not just a short season of health.  I will continue to pray in that direction!

It feels great to play with my kids, run around with them, and be the mom that my heart wants to be -- and now my body will let me!