Never a dull moment in this house. Last night, while doing some prep-work on a school assignment for Daniel, I had a sharp pain in my eye. I thought it was a good idea at that point to take my contact lenses out. Something realllllly hurt in my right eye, yet I couldn't see anything. My lens didn't have any tears or breaks, so I couldn't figure out what it would be. I decided that whatever it was would work its way out overnight, and went to sleep.

I awoke at 6am from a sleep filled with discomfort, only to realize that my right eye was in a lot of pain at this point. I decided at that point it was probably the best idea to drive myself (with one eye watering the ground as I walked) to Emergency a block away to get myself checked before Kirk went to work. Besides, everyone was sleeping -- this was the best time. It took until 7am to be seen, but they discovered two small corneal abrasions, thus explaining the pain. The inside of my upper eyelid was also very inflamed. I was given some numbing drops for the pain if it got too severe and some antibiotic drops.

I have to drive to UBC today for a dental appointment (one of many) for my son Ryan, so getting this taken care of ASAP was important. I'm still not sure how the driving will go as my eye is very painful and it's hard to keep it open, but I suppose the numbing drops will do the trick to keep me from feeling it for about an hour at a time -- just enough time to get from Abbotsford to Vancouver.

On the way out the door from Emergency, I was enveloped by the cool and refreshing air of the morning -- my favorite time of day. I absolutely love being out early in the morning, before many people are up -- experiencing the cool weather and quietness of the day. It was then my inspiration took hold .. GO AND GET A STARBUCKS COFFEE in the hospital lobby! Yes, inspired indeed! I grabbed myself the decaf (yes, I know... "what's the point?") Americano for myself and the strong coffee of the day for Kirk and got home by 7:40am. I'm sure I looked rather curious (or scary?) with one eye closed and weeping everywhere (the irritation causes it to constantly water). That's okay.. for upon the first sip of that glorious beverage, I decided it really wasn't all that important to see what I was drinking -- as long as I could taste it :)