I read this today in my research of pain post-procedure:
If your symptoms/dysfunction improved only slighty and only for a brief period, you should wait at least 4 months before considering a 'tune-up.' This is because you can only have 3-4 repeat venoplasties before considering a stent that has increased risks, and because it may take this long for CNS flow changes to stabilize. On post-venoplasty testing we have seen that sometimes flow may even appear worse during this stabilization process.
I found the last sentence interesting.  I have heard from multiple sources that it may take the body some time to recover and might even have more symptoms -- so I hang on to being positive and trying to rest and heal.  It feels like life is going in slow motion.  I am finding now that school is back on, I have so many places to drive the kids, etc. that it's hard to rest.  But what choice do I really have? I'll just have to try to rest in the midst of it all.

A few times today my feet felt weird, hot and provided a sensation almost as though I could fully feel them again (not being numb). I'm not sure if that was in my head, or if it was the increased blood flow.  Time will tell.

My hands have been very numb today and full of discomfort, but I forgot to take my Advil again today (tisk tisk) so I will take some now and hopefully have a restful sleep to alleviate some of that pain.

I may not write for awhile, at least until I start seeing some changes.  I am enjoying being off Facebook.  I miss being "up" on what is happening with everyone that I know, but it has provided me with some rest time, and with the time I would spend on FB, I now spend with my kids, and that is never a wasted moment!