Ok, just when I think things are getting better and I'm hopeful for some good days, I crash again. I just came back from a family vacation on the Washington coast, and I was, each day, starting to feel better and better. On the way home last night, however, I could feel my decline setting in.

What's the key to this whole health thing. Is it environment? I definitely did love the cool ocean breeze. Is it diet? Perhaps it's just that I need to stay on holidays and never come home? I wish I had the answer.

I did the "normal" thing for me, sent my family off to church without me as I lay in bed. I know I'm supposed to be longing for things not of this world, but all I want right now is to be part of my family's lives, and be normal.

I'm still off the copaxone injections for at least a few more weeks. I need to get rid of this sore throat (came back last night) before I start up again.

PS .. did you know that winter is just around the corner? WOO HOO!