Well, I thought I'd post a quick update before I head off to bed for some hopefully DEEP and restful sleep. I have just spent the past week with my family in Oregon, vacationing.  On the way back home, we have now stopped in Seattle, staying in a hotel for a few nights -- and tomorrow morning I will go to a local clinic for my second CCSVI procedure. We spent the afternoon and evening together, going out for a great meal (and throwing peanut shells on the floor), swimming in the hotel pool, eating popcorn, and giving lots of hugs.   In trying to recall my feelings from the first time around.. on the night before:  Was I pensive?  Was I excited or anxious?  I honestly cannot remember. I think most of my issues were with trying to figure out how the lights in the Polish hotel turned on! (It's not a simple light switch!).  I think tonight I'm too tired to feel anxiety.  I have been through it before, so I kind of know what to expect so the "unknown" is out of the picture.   I would like to equate my calm feelings to God's grace in granting me peace about this procedure.

Tonight, as I recall the day spent with my family, I realize that I'm blessed.  Yet, I do know that I have a failing body and I need to give it one last shot at trying to gain some physical well-being for them.

My 4 blessings

I will keep you posted as to how everything went .. my appointment is an early one at 8am.
Thanks for your prayers!