Cherry Blossoms AND snow ? !

I woke shortly before 7am this morning, and turned my head towards the window.  Confusion set in when I saw something white and fluffy falling from the sky.  Surely I must still be dreaming. It only snowed once all winter here, how could it be snowing in mid-April?  But, I WAS awake.. and it was dumping!  Quickly I got everyone up (yes, even my 18 year old) to go outside to "play".  I realized that I would expend all my energy in the hour that I may be outside, but it was worth it. This was MY time.

We started to shovel the driveway (because to me, that's very entertaining for me!) but quickly realized that this unforecast snow would most likely turn to rain so we had to focus our efforts on snowman building.   Julianna wanted to make her own, so we helped her make her little version of the snowman.
I think I need to move to a place that snows all winter long.  How life-giving for me today!  I apologize to all those people who like Spring and Summer (yuk) .. but today was for ME!
Truly an amazing morning.. and Kirk (who has snuck out before 7am to meet a friend for coffee) brought me a coffee back once we had all retreated back indoors to dry off (yes, it's melting already).  Now if only I could just stay home and relax the rest of the day, unfortunately, it's filled with doc appointments 60 minutes away, with a lot of rushing around.. that's okay.  This day has had a glorious start!

.... our snow at 11am .. sure doesn't last long! :)