This cannot be happening ...

It's almost time to pay the bill for my surgery, but oddly enough I'm a day late for my period. Nothing really stressful though because I was late last month too. Note to self to pick up a pregnancy test just to rule it out (even though I'm pretty sure it won't be positive).

Back home after grocery shopping, I take the test, stick it on the counter and do some other things, come back 5 minutes later and glance at it as I walk past, and nearly faint. Were those TWO lines I see in the strip window? That's impossible. Speed through the next hour of breathing quickly, lots of tears and general freaking out. I went to the doctor to have a test there to confirm, and theirs says the same. So, now I was sent to the hospital lab for blood work .. they will be able to tell me for sure, but it will take a few hours.

Life as I knew it was crumbling before me. My hopes for my future without MS just fell to the floor. I should know by 5pm, they say. I keep calling all afternoon but the hospital computers are down. ARGH! So, now I have to wait until tomorrow morning before I can get the results. Talk about torture.

I just talked with the clinic in Poland and they confirm that you cannot have the procedure done if you are pregnant. :(