Daniel had a good sleep, managing to keep his foot elevated in bed as suggested. The doc told us to have him stay off his foot for at least five days, so for the first few days we figured we'd let him just stay in our bed in our room. It was probably his first "breakfast in bed" ... so we asked what he wanted and it was an A&W Breakfast Burger. :)

Off I went to the hospital to rent some crutches for Daniel -- so at least when he needed to use the washroom he could stay off his foot. Shortly thereafter I heard Julianna crying. Apparently she had fallen down the basement stairs in the morning and scraped her leg. Thankfully no other injuries. Ryan later in the morning, takes Daniel’s crutches and decides to go down the upper floor stairs, but tumbles down tangled in the crutches and cuts his face and is screaming saying his arm hurts. I was SO done with hospitals having done the procedure with Daniel three times and only getting a few hours sleep last night. So, I pointed to Kirk and said "I am so done.. it's YOUR turn". So, back in Abby Hospital for 5+ hours waiting to get an x-ray. After waiting for most of the day, the x-ray showed a buckle fracture. Kirk & I then traded off as he had a meeting to go to. Ryan was fitted with a cast and was told it would be on for 3.5 weeks.

When I think of how Julianna also fell down the stairs .. to think that I could have had three kids in casts within 24 hours.. unbelievable!!!

We are soooooo overly tired.