It was a VERY busy day for me today.  Going to the US for parcels, getting my kids to classes, picking up stuff at various locations and getting back in time to make lunch and get the kids fed, Julianna down for a nap and then off to the hospital for the IV.

At first, I thought I would walk, it was a beautiful day and it's only two blocks away.  I got as far as the garage and then had the enlightening revelation that I haven't walked that far in months!  Did I really want to walk there (downhill), have the treatment and then walk back UPHILL?  Uh no.

So, I got in the van quickly and drove to the hospital.  The problem with my change in decisions was that I had not brought any money with me.  So, I went to park the car, but apparently someone had informed the population that it was Christmas shopping time at the hospital, therefore, there were no parking spaces available AND there were dozens of vehicles swarming the parking lot looking for any person walking to their car to release a parking spot.    After a few minutes of circling, I finally found a spot.  Good. I still had 5 minutes to spare.  The only problem was that I now had to pay for parking, but with no money.  Argh.  I went inside and spoke with the parking attendant who told me that I could park there, and that the parking fee was only $17. (Does this person make $1000 a week or something?).  So, my only other option was to go back home and get the money and jump back into the "fight for a parking spot" exercise.   Oh, if only I had that handicapped parking sticker today!  I quickly called the hospital dept and told them I'd be late for my appointment.

I quickly drove back home and got my credit card and was back in a few minutes.  I finally found a spot at the very corner of the parking lot and ran into the hospital to pay for parking and get up to my appointment (ya, probably not the smartest thing to do).  The lady at the desk was very surprised that I was there so quickly (as I was only 5 minutes late).  She actually said "wow, you made it on time".  "On time?"  I was thinking.  Makes one wonder if the rest of the population always shows up late so 5 minutes late is actually considered on time.

My nurse was NOT adept at doing IVs and it was quite painful.  She kept "fishing" up the vein for probably 30 seconds, made a mess with blood everywhere.  Good thing my stomach was empty.  I sat there for the next hour, reading a book, listening to a man snoring next to me and texting a friend.  (I've had to up my text message plan for this one person .. but it's worth it).  Hey, Kirk has an iPhone, I have to have some fun too!

The rest of the day went well.  Just feeling a little off here and there, but nothing too difficult.  I did get to spend the evening getting my hair done, so that was a nice relaxing part of my day.  My body felt exhausted, but with the prednisone it made a strange "wired" feeling.  So, while my body was energized inside, my eyelids felt like they needed toothpicks to stay open.  Once home, I had many tasks to do (prepare breakfast for the crockpot for the next morning, and making almond milk to go with it), so I ended up not getting to bed until fairly late.  That's just the way it is with kids and family, always something to do to keep things in order and running .. and I wouldn't trade it for anything!