Just when I thought the antibiotics were working, I spent most of the night coughing. Even the strong cough syrup with codeine did nothing. It wasn't until 5am that I finally fell asleep.

The house is quiet. The family went off to church without me -- again. I'm sure they all think he is a single dad over there. Trying to remain positive, but it's difficult when it feels like I just exist these days.

A friend pointed out that copaxone can have side-effects, such as the ones I'm experiencing (weakness, nausea, dizziness, bronchitis, etc.) so I'll have to check on that with my neurologist this week.

Probably best to try to nap now while everyone is at church..
It's been a month since I've posted. Much has happened, but I just haven't had the energy to post it. For my records, here is a quick breakdown of what has happened:

June 24th - went to Osoyoos with a friend. Spent too much time in sun on the Sunday, 26th, and by evening, I had a total crash. Spent the next 4 days in bed.

June 30th - saw Neurologist.. said the spinal lesion had gone away on my neck (according to the MRI comparison from this year's MRI and the year before). He said it was a possibility that the CCSVI procedure I had helped the healing process for that lesion.

With respect to the crash, he said I got overheated and need to be careful in the heat. (This is the first time I've ever reacted to heat). He also said to stop injecting in my legs for copaxone. That is good news as I was reacting badly with huge swollen areas. Then as of Sept. inject every other day for injections. That will be nice to skip every other day.

July 1st - spent the night in Vancouver for the fireworks.. fun, but still really weak and tired. Heat sensitive that day as it was fairly warm.

July 9th - Woke up at 2am very sick. Not sure what happened, but I felt like I was being poisoned, very toxic feeling. Spent the next few days in bed, extremely nauseous.

July 11 - At 4am, I finally went to my local hospital emergency and got an IV for hydration and nausea. They took an x-ray of my gallbladder, as I had described that any time I ate, my stomach would bloat quite a bit and the nausea would increase. The x-ray ended up being clear, showing no issues with my gallbladder.

July 14 - Still not being able to eat food. Saw my doctor and he gave me some meds for my stomach.. nausea still bad.

July 15 - noticed improvement in the nausea with the meds. Slowly starting to eat chicken broth and toast (gluten-free as usual).

July 15 - went up to Peachland to visit some friends. I didn't sleep well all weekend and by Sunday I was feeling sick again. Drove home that day and by evening I was in bed again.

July 16 - 21 - spent most of that in bed.. extreme weakness, dizziness and something developing in my chest (a strange feeling when I would breathe).

July 21 - had a few very strange coughing fits .. out of nowhere. Very strange.
By evening, my voice was getting deeper and huskier.

July 22 - Woke up in the morning and had lost my voice. Had another coughing fit in Safeway (that was embarrassing). Went to my doc and he put me on Biaxin and some codeine cough syrup. Feeling really dizzy and weak today. No cold, fever or anything, just this weird voice and intermittent times when I get a tickle in my throat and I have to cough for a few minutes incessantly (seems to happen every 3-6 hours).

Feeling like a very long month. I'm glad the weather has been cool, not only for my aversion to heat, but also because I don't feel as bad not being active with family. My kids are dealing with the affects of my being in bed. They often mention how sad they are that I cannot play with them, etc., which breaks my heart.

I keep plugging along, day by day. Life just feels long though. I think I'm too tired and weak to feel discouraged and get depressed. I just don't have the energy for that :)

Anyhow, just an update as to why I've been so quiet.

Still, good news about the change on the MRI! :)