Okay, I must admit I'm terrible at self-control.  In any given "battle" I'm more apt to give in to my wants than to stick out for what I know is right.  But really?  I can't even stay off coffee for a week?  I had thought it might be a good idea to try to cut out coffee for a bit to see if I feel any better.   I continue to fail.  It's not as though I am "addicted" to the caffeine, because I drink decaf.  It's the ritual of it.   There is something comforting in the morning cup of coffee -- the start to the day.  That smell that says "okay, it's time to slowly open your eyes, one at a time".  Yes, the kids do help with that by jumping on you on the bed, but the coffee is a little more gentle at prompting you to start your day.

This also has me thinking.  It appears that's it's not so much the actual coffee itself that draws me, but rather the sense of comfort that it provides.    Perhaps comfort has become an idol in my life?  I hadn't thought of that before.   In my quest for better health, so much has been removed from my daily routine -- foods I love, exercise, etc.  It leaves one with a sense of loss when you consider all that you "cannot" have.  In one way, the morning coffee replaces a little bit of that loss with an "ahhhhh, finally something just for me".  

I guess it's time to figure out whether this is something that is an issue for me and my battle with self-control, or whether I will allow myself the pleasure.   Maybe I can find a median wherein I can partake of both worlds -- one where I can enjoy some little pleasures yet at the same time continue to strive to die to self.