Just popped in to see Jordan quickly in the morning while Marilyn watched the kids. Brought him a gingerale. He said he didn’t sleep well and was restless all night. I asked if he asked for demerol and he said no (grrr) .. so I asked the nurse to give it to him and left the hospital to come back home. Apparently they won’t give him pain meds unless he asks for it.

He ate an egg for breakfast -- so that is a good sign that he may start to eat again (although he said he was still feeling nauseous). He said he is bored laying there in the hallway only having a partition to look at, but said he isn’t well enough to play any of his DS games yet. I am just waiting for Kirk’s dad to come by so I can go over there to see if there is more info from the nurses as to what is going on with the fever and antibiotics, etc. (as I was only there literally a few minutes). He should be here in another hour and then I can go over. His temp is up to 37.7 and that’s all they will say. I will have to wait until the doctor comes and am told that it can be any time between now (10:53am) and 10pm! All that will be done in the meantime is periodic checks of his temp. Frustrated.

12:58pm resting heart rate is 103. Met the manager Trena . asked if we could get Jordan out of the hallway as this is NO place for someone this sick.

2pm .. said he feels like there is a bubble in his lung and has difficulty getting a good breath. They will take him for an x-ray soon.

3:15pm .. they just gave him his FIRST dose of antibiotics now!!

5pm .. nurse said that the doctor wants to do a CT with contrast. Still haven’t seen any doctor.

8:54pm .. CT shows what they think is 2 liters of fluid in his chest. Doing another chest tube to drain it and then transferring him to Surrey by ambulance in the morning to their surgery ward under the care of Dr. Bond again.

10:15pm they did a heavy conscious sedation. They inserted the chest tube but he was having difficulty breathing and is panicking because of that.. they are doing an x-ray to see if the chest tube is in properly.

It turns out it’s just that the fluid escaped very quickly from his chest (1.1 liters) so that is what was so difficult for his body to handle. They are going to do a blood transfusion as well (2 units) as his hemoglobin went down to 88. Also, they are going to give him an actual room upstairs. Just gave him a few shots of fentanyl.