Sept 5 - SO SO tired.. hear that all the symptoms will go crazy when you try to kill off yeast. My throat is still bugging me, I'm tired and really achy a lot .. hoping that the feelings I've had all these years may not be attributed to MS but perhaps the yeast? Wondering how long it will take to kill it off.. is there a test to do? Getting ready to leave for Seattle tomorrow. I am wondering if there is a pattern of always feeling crappy with the start of my cycle.. will need to watch that.

Sep 8 - feeling okay the last few days. Seattle has been fun.. lots of swimming. I actually got to play a lot with them in the pool today. That felt awesome. Just a few minutes of fading, but might be due to lack of foods I'm able to eat. My sore throat is gone or only there minimally. Taking silver orally, lots of grapefruit seed extract too and chlorella. Heading home tomorrow (the 9th)

Sept 9 - woke early (6am) with a really bad leg pain, maybe nerve pain? Took advil. Felt like there was major pressure in my lower LEFT leg from the knee to the ankle. Even hurt to walk, I'd get shooting pains up my leg. Arrived home from seattle at around 4:40pm.

Sept 10 - had okay birthday, busy. Went to a movie with Kirk and had movie popcorn. Didn't feel too bad. Sucks turning 45.

Sept 11 - munched on leftover movie popcorn in the evening and within the hour, felt a crash. must have been the popcorn. Bloated stomach and increased nerve pain and tingling.

Sept 12 - feel a bit better today, although still tired. NO MORE POPCORN. Yelled out loud today abruptly and it affected my throat.. hurt to talk a little after that.. odd.

Sept 14 - heading up to Summerland to see ROB (blood analyst). Spent morning at Sun-Oka beach. Said blood was good, need to try brain gym to calm my brain down.

Sept 15 - Ryan's first trip to Jane .. said he had a parasite.. nice...

Sept 16 - Daniel at Dr. Verchere for plastic surgery... busy day, rushing a lot.. did that attribute to another crash? (the following day)
ALSO - VISUAL DISTURBANCE... for about 30 minutes, I had a giant C shape on my vision, electrical like years before... lasted for about 30 minutes and then moved to the left for a few minutes and then was gone. During the episode, it was difficult to see things as it was right in the middle of my vision.

Sept 17 - feeling terrible upon waking.. but only had 7 hours sleep though. Weak and achy inside. SO SO YUK. Have to go to a bday party today in Langley.. not up to even getting dressed. Daniel's foot is hurting now.

Sept 18 - woke feeling yucky and fluish again.. when will this end??? had a americano today.. (half shot) ..felt not too jittery after. just really achy all day and tired. Need to figure this out. HAND STARTED TO BECOME COLD TODAY.. haven't had a circulation issue in months.. sad :(

Sept 19 - mid afternoon I got very weak.. and my right leg is very very weak.. not sure what is happening... my body feels like it has no strength. Increased buzziness in my right lower leg and both feet.

Sept 30-Oct 2 - in Whistler with helga, deste & rachel. Felt pretty good except after eating two chocolate bars from rogers chocs. Don't do that again! Feeling decent lately except for being tired. feet and hands still buzzing though .. it's a constant sensation (and pain) that never ends.