A year hasn't gone by in the past 20 years when we have skipped making Christmas cookies together. Years ago, it was my mom making cookies with me and Jordan, then it was transferred to me, every December, baking and decorating cookies together. Always a huge mess, but a big memory. This year, I can't see how I can pull it off. I just don't have the energy. It's really sad, as I had so much time this December to get it done, but it seems my body just doesn't want to let me.

Perhaps it was just the tension and stress of having all the kids in casts or the hospital .. maybe this is finally my body saying "enough" and giving up.

It started on Sunday night, when I was just laying down on the couch watching a movie with Jordan, I felt my body start to drain. I went to bed early at 9:30pm, knowing I'd be in for a long night. I didn't sleep the entire night, my body feeling very foreign and much like my insides were a giant balloon being blown up so much that I was going to explode.

The next day, Saturday, was pretty much a write-off with huge pressure at the back of my head. I continued on as much as I could, but by Tuesday afternoon, it was so intense that I decided to go to a walk-in clinic. Unfortunately, the wait there was almost three hours long, so I decided to go to Emerg at 4pm. The wait there was fairly substantial as well, but by 6:30pm, I had seen the doc and he ordered a series of x-rays and a ct of my head to rule out anything sinister. Thankfully, they saw nothing on the scans, and he really didn't know what to suggest, other than perhaps a tension headache gone crazy. They gave me two T3s and 600 of Ibuprofen for the pain, which took it down about 50%. I finally got home just before 10pm and had a fairly decent sleep considering. I didn't take any more pain meds until 10:30am .. so I am hoping I didn't wait too long, as it's starting to feel a bit crazy again.

I'm sad that this Christmas seems to be a write-off for the things I wanted to do to create memories, but I guess I'll just have to resolve to make "New Years" cookies this year :)

Last Year's Gingerbread Man Decorating: