I have had a rough few days.   Just after I wrote on Day 6, I started to having an increase of pressure and pain in my neck, left side.  It increased for the past 36 hours so I changed from Advil to aspirin (thinking maybe it would help prevent any blood clots that might want to pop up).  I decided to go into the local hospital today to ask them their opinion.  I really didn't have anyone to answer my questions about these symptoms I was having, and needed someone that knew.  Well, as it turns out, the doc in the emergency room told me he really had no experience with jugular vein issues and didn't know what to tell me.  He talked with a radiologist and they decided to at least do an ultrasound of my neck to see if there were any issues (clots, tears, etc.).   After spending a few hours in emerg, I found out that the scan looked fine, albeit some inflammation.  So, I guess I just take longer to heal than normal?   My IR mentioned that perhaps because I had the left IJV ballooned last year, and this latest treatment was quite agressive (with an 80% blockage), that this might be a reason why it's taking a lot longer for the inflammation to calm down.

Good news anyway. I just have to keep taking it easy (THIS IS HARD FOR ME!).  At least the snow has all melted, and with that, the temptation to shovel the driveway.  Wait, what is that I see where the snow used to be?  Weeds?!  (Kidding, I'll definitely resist that temptation!)