As I sit here distracted by the pain in my body, I am trying to sort out the feelings tumbling around inside me.   Do I seek re-treatment? Will it help?  I must try.  What if it doesn't help?

With respect to re-treatment for CCSVI, I found a location closer to my home and have decided to choose that option, because it will save us a lot of money in doing so!  I'm sure New York is amazing this time of year (cold and snow), but I'll have to settle for Seattle's rain.

I have an appointment for my next angioplasty on January 7, 2011.  I think somewhere along the way I have lost a lot of my ability to hope for better health in my life, and faith that that it can happen. Yet, somewhere within me, there is something that wants to give it one more shot -- perhaps there is a little fight left in me.

For those of you who have supported us in the past, family and friends, we would greatly appreciate prayer during this time.  Prayer for safety and peace for our family, especially the children.

The cost of this procedure is $5,800 US, which I think is a really good price compared to other places.  Some of you have mentioned to me over the past year to let you know if I started fund raising again (should I do another procedure). Honestly, I don't think I will do active fund raising.  For those of you who know me well.. I have a hard time asking for help ;)         However, I wanted to respect those who had asked, and let them know that I was doing the procedure again.  The only problem is that I cannot remember who asked me about it!!  I am hoping that at least this way I will be able to contact those people that had asked to help!  :)    So, those who want to give towards our trip, please contact me through email or this blog.

For now, we appreciate your continued prayers for strength for our family as we walk this road.