9:30am They made Jordan sit up in the chair to prevent clots in his legs. Very painful for him and created some nausea.

And also brought out a new talent for swearing. Just waiting on an x-ray to see if there is any issue with his lungs as he has been saying he feels like there is another bubble in there. They also want to do a CT scan (done at 2:26pm).. should have results back by 7pm to get a clearer picture of his lungs.

4:47pm .. the tube has been leaking a lot more in the last hour. Seemed to kick in after the ct scan.

5:08pm Apparently the surge of blood from the tube isn’t common. There are reasons for it that can explain it but Dr. Bond might take him back into surgery. He said the CT showed some clots that need to be cleaned out. They might come out on their own but he’d like to just do a clean run and make sure (via scope) that it’s all clean in there by removing the clots and cauterizing or stapling that problem spot. Will do an x-ray later tonight to help decide whether they operate or not.