I have felt pretty horrible the past few days. Mix that with a 7 year old that develops a stomach bug for two days .. and not making it to the bathroom in time, and you have lots of fun cleanup with a pounding head. I just can't seem to shake this tension headache, and it causes such pain in my neck/head and achiness and nausea, that my Christmas has pretty much been a write-off. All the traditions I normally did with my kids went out the window. How depressing.

I sent the fam to the Christmas family get together today on their own. It's been a quiet day, other than the ringing in my head. My first Christmas alone.

Hoping the rest of the holiday will improve and I will be able to enjoy some time with my family. I was hoping to at least get over to Starbucks for our Christmas morning coffee & hot chocolates, but didn't manage that either.