Early morning coffee (yes, I found an organic coffee that doesn't kill me), cuddling with kids in bed, and groggily reading through Facebook posts on my micro, teeny weeny iPod, I came across a post which hit me hard.    It was entitled "Parenting is Kingdom Work" (it can be found here)

As a stay at home mom, busy with homeschooling and everyday life as well as multiple sclerosis, for some time I have felt that I am falling short on my calling.  Sometimes just getting what needs to be done during the day feels like running a marathon.  Sure, I love my kids and they "know" it. Yet when I flop in bed exhausted each night, very aware that only half of my daily to do list has been checked off, I feel as though I have missed the mark -- eternally.  Just as one knows the importance of daily exercise yet struggles to incorporate it into each day's routine, I struggle with teaching my children what matters most.  "If only I had an extra 12 hours today", I sigh.  As a child, my parents were very busy, trying to support our household, and I was often left on my own, as mentioned in that post.  How does one retrain one's mind and change it here and now?  I have felt this conviction for years now, but feel stuck and overwhelmed in my physical weakness.
I hope there is a book out there that gives helpful advice on how to manage this with minimal energy.  I'm sure there is .. somewhere.  My prayer is that I can find ways to push past my tiredness and lead by example.