I actually had a great night sleep last night. Kids are all over their fevers and coughs. Jordan was doing well this morning and asked to play his DS. Improvement!!

Jordan, after a lot of dilaudid, was able to get up and walk a bit and use the washroom. His pain is a little less and he keeps forgetting to cough to stave off pneumonia. I will go in tomorrow morning again.

Dr. Bond said they will leave the chest tube in another day. The fluid leaving his chest has slowed down so they will continue to monitor it. They will up his pain meds to see if they can get him out of bed and walking around. (he is still too scared to move because of the pain). He still can’t cough (which he is supposed to do to exercise his lungs). I decided to go home a little early (12:45pm) so I could spend some time with the kids ... been a few days since I've seen them since I leave before they wake up in the morning and get home after they are in bed.

Jordan called me on the phone later and told me that they will pull his chest tube out in the morning and he can go home.