Well I guess I couldn't avoid it forever. My family has been through a *MILD* case of the flu. I am grateful as it could have been much worse. However, I managed to jump on board with the rest of them, so I've been rather under the weather since Monday (it's now Friday). Would love to report some positive gains, but I've taken quite a few steps backward with constantly feeling nauseous (at least all of us have been, so we don't have to make huge meals). While everyone else bounces back quickly, I seem to take a LONG time to get back to where I was -- and even at that, I hadn't established a new normal yet. I don't know what my normal should look like at this point. Life seems to be flying by well enough without my intervention. The world keep spinning, and taxes keep increasing. Thankfully, the hugs from the kids keep coming. Grateful for my blessings, I keep pluggin' along.