Daniel went in for his 2nd operation on his foot to have a mole removal. They are doing it again because of the recent infection and the doctor feels if we do it again, it will be a clean cut and heal faster. He was due in at Children's hospital by 8am. As he was so apprehensive regarding the pain that is involved in this procedure, they gave him some medication to sedate him (yet remain awake) while Dr. Verschere did it again. Still extremely painful. He screamed so much I'm sure the entire hospital and all of Vancouver heard him. Poor guy! I left the room to use the washroom and reminded the nurse in the room that the doctor had said we needed to watch him as he was sedated. (he was still on the operating table). Apparently the nurse didn't take the instruction as too important because when I came back from the washroom, I was told that Daniel had fallen off the table and banged his head on the cupboard. (What!!??)

The doc told us to take it easy for the next week and let this heal.