I had only fallen asleep at around 5am, only to have my alarm wake me up again for 6:00 .. as I was heading out the door at 6:30am to head into Surrey. Jordan slept okay but was still in pain from the chest tube. At 9:55am was wheeled in for surgery to fix the “bleb” on his lung.

At 1:00 pm he was back from surgery and quite groggy from the anesthetics.

Had a bullectomy and a pleurectomy .. left lung lobe wedge .. as the spot was on the lower part of the lung, rather than on the top. Had a rough day of pain and not being able to move much.

Dr. Bond performed the wedge resection of his left lower lobe. Later at 3:00pm Gary & Joy came in to visit him as they were in town. He was a bit more awake at this point and it was so great that they could take the time to come and see him.

By 4pm we noticed there was a lot of blood coming out of his chest tube post-surgery, more than normal. They made a note of that to watch it, do bloodwork and an x-ray. Jordan is not eating (hasn’t for a few days) and it in a lot of pain. Will head home shortly and come back in the morning.