I got a call from the nurse today. My first injection of copaxone is set for 5pm on Tuesday. WHAT HAVE I DONE! I told her she could always come next year instead. I HATE needles.. this is going to be so difficult for me, and doing it the rest of my life? Shoot me now.

I'm not really sure I have a choice. I prayed that if God wanted me to go through with doing Copaxone, I would have the financial assistance approved that I had applied for. I guess my heart sank when I was approved. Good that financially we are covered for the $1500 monthly expense, but 'bad' when it comes to having to inject yourself daily. It means so much more is added to your daily life. You go on a holiday, you must pack all the needles (and keep them refrigerated). Going away for the day? Make sure you bring your injection with you.. It's almost as though I'm going to be reminded even more of the disease that has claimed so much. I pray that God can carry me once again, into something I think that I cannot do.

To add more fun and challenge to the mix, I've discovered recently that I'm highly intolerant to gluten. Oh joy. Apparently my youngest son is as well. This creates MUCH challenge for meals and snacks. With my already low appetite, I just prefer to not eat anything. I know that's not an option, so I make myself eat, but I'd really prefer to take a pill to replace my mealtimes! (or just eat ice cream all day .. oh wait, that's only in my dreams).

The last two nights I've taken the 1.5 mg of LDN. Seems to be going okay. I do have wild and crazy dreams at night, but my sleep is much deeper and while I crashed last night and was nauseous for about 8 hours, today I'm a little better -- exhausted still, but no nausea and I haven't laid on the couch yet (as of 6pm).

I've had some pressure in my neck for the past month off and on. Am hoping that it's not an indication of vein blockages. Sigh.