Wow.. hard to believe we are finally home. Our flight was almost 2 hours late in departure! We sat there for such a long time on the tarmac, and finally found out that we were waiting for the food to be delivered to the airplane. Waiting wasn't an issue for us, but it was for people who had connections. Finally after an hour the pilot came on the intercom, apologizing for the delay. He then stated that a passenger, distressed with the delay, no longer wanted to fly on the plane and they had to let him off and also find his luggage and remove the luggage as well. Well.. here we sat for almost another hour!
(Gosh, we look tired before we even started this leg of the trip .. oh wait.. we got up at 3am and now it was already 3pm .. that explains it.)

The flight was long, and as is normal for me, every time there was turbulence I was compelled by some unseen force to open the window shudder to see the landscape of the place I was going to crash on. Hmm.. the first place that this happened was over the arctic circle.

NOT a good place to land I thought. Please don't crash here! Of course, all was well, but I was already planning how I was going to survive in such a inhospitable climate (the temperature outside at this point was -75 F).  The second time we had turbulance was over this area:
Hmm.. still not the greatest chance of survival, I thought.   I really am not a good flyer.  It was good that they had onboard movies to keep myself occupied.  Food helps too (and COFFEE!!), however the food on Lufthansa this time around was pretty meager. They must have thought I needed to lose some weight or something. Let's compare meals between Air Canada and Lufthansa.  Okay, here is the Lufthansa meal on the last leg home:
Pretty teeny huh?  The butter looks like it's going to cry because it's missing the rest of what should be on the plate.  Actually the butter looks almost bigger than the meal itself! 

Here are the meals on Air Canada .. and these were all on ONE flight.. I thought I was going to burst they fed us so much.. almost every few hours meals came.. it was unreal!  Air Canada is definitely my favorite now:

This was the dinner on Air Canada.. a TON of food and the steak was actually pretty good!

Num .. breakfast on Air Canada .. the fruit was amazing, the little jam for the croissant absolutely delish .. and the eggs, sausage and potatoes scrumptious.  Did I mention the coffee? (yes, you get the picture)

And believe it or not, this was a snack on Air Canada .. salmon and rye bread with a really funky salad and roll.

Okay, now I'm hungry .. snap out of it and back away from food.  The flight went pretty well, once I got out of my neurotic tendencies to plan my escape routes once the plane would crash.   It was sunny in Vancouver which made for a pictoral landing.  It really is beautiful, but you know?  There's something about Europe that is just so much classier than where we are (North America).  We just don't have the beautiful architecture that they do.

I felt sorry for all those people who had missed their connecting flights.  We had chosen to pack light and take only carry on luggage, so leaving the airport was quick and without difficulty.  I took a photo of our plane for the kids.

It was so nice to get back home.  At 6:30pm as we drove up our street.. everyone was outside on the driveway, waiting for us.  As soon as we opened the door, the kids piled in, practically strangling me!  It was wonderful.  We unpacked a bit, caught up with the family and put the kids to bed shortly after 7pm. We only managed to stay up until 7:30pm .. it was just too difficult to stay awake any longer.  We had been up for approximately 24 hours at this point with only an hour and a bit of sleep.  I hadn't slept well in weeks. The week prior to the procedure, there was just so much on my mind to coordinate this large trip with our travel requirements and getting things ready for the grandparents to babysit.  Once over in Poland, the jet lag mixed with recovery, being in a strange bed, etc. just makes for little sleep.  On the plane?  Ya, I don't really sleep well.  Every time I would fall asleep the seat belt sign would come on because of light turbulence, waking me up. At times I think it actually WAITED for me to fall asleep.  So, once 7:30pm hit  and we hit the pillow, the world ended to me, until my son woke up at 11pm screaming from a nightmare. My husband thought it was in the middle of the night, not 11pm!  We were soooo tired.  I fell asleep shortly thereafter and slept right until 6:30am when my husband woke me up, banging things in the kitchen.  I honestly think I would have slept for hours more. I don't recall ever sleeping 11 hours before .. it was wonderful!  I'm sure it won't happen too often. I usually only get 6-8 hours sleep each night, and usually it's broken sleep. So it will be interesting to see if my sleep gets better post-procedure.
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