My brother is safely out of surgery ...  answer to prayer!  I am so excited about his hopeful outcome. (http://mervbest.blogspot.com)

On another note, I'm going to start trying LDN tonight..   hopefully I don't get any adverse reactions.  Mind you, I'm a little more pensive about my upcoming copaxone injections.  I have them in my fridge, I have all the "gear" ..  just waiting for a nurse to come and show me how to use them.  Still thinking this is part of the nightmare.   As I get nauseous around needles, I am thinking this is going to prove to be very interesting indeed.

CONGRATULATIONS MERV on your first step to feeling normal !!!
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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I just got a glimpse into your brothers' world (my brothers road).
    I can't imagine going through that type of surgery.
    It's so amazing what our precious Lord does for us through doctors.
    You are both in my prayers and I'll pray you don't have nausea.

    Rely on the mighty Lord; constantly seek his face.
    Psalm 105:4
    God bless!!