It's been a pretty good week.    After figuring out I needed more calcium and magnesium, I got rid of some insomnia I had for a few days.  I've started jogging again, only minimally to start things off slow.  One minute walk, and one minute jog.. alternating for about 30-35 minutes.   Next week I will make it one minute walk, and then 2 minute jog, one minute walk, 2 minute jog .. and again increase the jogging the following week to 3.   So VERY exciting for me .. it makes me feel ALIVE!  My numbness in my right side is still very strong, and my left side seems to even be increasing in numbness, which has me scratching my head.   I think I am being impatient.  My right foot is SO much better -- better than it has been in years. It is still numb, but no longer to the point of pain or discomfort. 

One part of me wonders if I need to do the procedure again. I hear of people who have had it done and their numbness completely goes away.  This makes me think, that since my azygos vein was missed completely during my procedure, I wonder if that is why I am slowing improving on some things, but in others, I seem to continue to decline (i.e. numbness on my left side).  I keep hearing about places in the US opening up .. and even ones within a few hours drive of my home. This is MUCH more appealing that flying 12+ hours to a foreign country. This would mean my entire family  (i.e. hubby & my kids) could come for the procedure.   Well, at least this is a hopeful option should I choose to do this procedure again.  However, because I am feeling so good energy wise and with the right foot feeling better, I feel I have the luxury of waiting to see if they continue to improve.  If I don't have to look into another procedure, it certainly would be helpful to my family financially!

Anyhow, just a short update on my improvements.
  • Bladder isn't bothering me much .. it's just a background slight feeling, if I think about it.
  • Numbness isn't causing pain as it was in the previous month, although still quite severe in my hands and sometimes my face and scalp.
  • Energy level is superb. 
  • Sleep is back to normal
  • Memory?  Still not that great
  • Heat tolerance .. MUCH improved. I can stay in the sun for quite a while without my energy draining. My friend even asked if I was feeling okay when I  said today, "I'm going to sit in the sun instead of the shade" (I'm well known for HATING summer and craving snow and winter)
  • Still no sign of my limp coming back (YEAH!)
While I still struggle with the circumstances of the past year and fears of what the future might hold for me,  part of me wants to scream with joy because of the opportunity given me to experience life --- right now, with my kids and even being able to physically exercise (something I've SO greatly missed this past year).  I feel blessed to have been given so much and cherish each moment, of each day.  Thank you Lord for the gifts you have given to me this day.  I pray that you allow this healing to continue!
July 31, 2010
My son (Jordan) & I cycling in Vancouver prior to the fireworks.
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  1. Trina Says:

    Thank you for sharing another positive update. Wishing your numbness subsides or even disappear and continued improvements.

  2. Inkling Says:

    I am excited for you! How I wish it were possible for me to run! So enjoy that feeling for me. =)

    I wanted to let you know something that might be helpful should you decide to go to the States for surgery. You'll need to look around and ask the individual hospital you would choose, but coming from Canada we are considered "uninsured" and are thus able to apply for financial aid. Surgery in the States routinely gives you multiple bills: the surgeon, the anesthesiologist, the hospital, and the lab for any tests they must perform. Sometimes a surgeon will write off a portion of his fee if he knows your story and has compassion. You are always able to negotiate with any of the people there, and usually can get significant discounts if you offer to pay in one lump sum as soon as they have the bill finalized. Hospitals will often allow you to formally apply for aid (after surgery only) because you are uninsured, and you would just need a paycheck stub, tax info from the previous year, bank statements, and a letter detailing why you are seeking help.

    If you want any specifics on that, should you ever decide to go that route, please feel free to contact me. We went that route for my surgery and I'm pretty familiar with the system now, plus I'm originally from the States so I know how their systems work. We ended up with an insanely low bill compared to what we would have owed had we paid full price.

    Anyway, just keep that filed away somewhere in case you do need that someday. But here is hoping and praying that God steps in with His own fingers to keep on healing you. Bless you!!!

    Sara from the Bridge

  3. ♥ Gloria Says:

    AWESOME news Dawna!!! So glad you are able to start jogging again & that your energy is doing so good!!!! So happy for you ... I believe the healing will continue! Praying for you & sending you HUGS today!